Every great design begins with a touch of inspiration. This is especially the case with the innovative brand Sara C. The label began after Sara went on a journey to the untouched depths of the British countryside. In this journey she discovered how pretty and pleasing England is; she began to photograph and draw the beauty she came across and thus her debut collection was created: Nature’s Edge.

Sayulita Electric Maxi Dress

When looking through the collection, you can really see the captivating countryside swerving in and out of each design. Both the colours and patterns incorporated in the dainty dresses and tantalising tops are mesmerising and pull you into another way of viewing the environment, allowing you to see it as more abstract, fashionable and chic.

There are plenty of items to choose from in the nature inspired collection, but here at The Upcoming we have a few of our own personal favourites. Firstly we think the Sunshine Stripes Maxi Dress is a perfect summer essential, even though summer has sadly been and gone. Nevertheless, the dress is cool and collected, and is perfect for a hot or breezy day!

Sunshine Stripes Maxi Dress

Another item we love is the Sayulita Mirror Bamboo Top. This top has a unique edginess to it, through both the pattern and the shape.

Sayulita Mirror Bamboo Top

Sara C clothing is a must-have essential for every girl’s wardrobe no matter what their style is. You can purchase the products from this brand at any of the following stores: FREERANGE, 69B, or at Lily and Bow. If you fancy taking a look at Sara’s collection then click here and enter Sara’s world of nature.

Sasha Hilton